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This isn't a war. Wars end.

14 June 1987
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I'm Laila. I was born in 1987. I'm a lesbian, single and still healing from my last long-term relationship. I like music a lot, but no longer go to concerts a lot or write music/band reviews. I work full-time doing administration at a Playhouse.

I grew up overseas in Dubai and Istanbul. Pretty cool cities, and living there actually made me want to do other things other than go to Central every night in Baltimore. I'm not judgmental, just bitter! =).

So I interned at Alternative Press magazine while completing my writing degree at Loyola COLLEGE (I will never call it a university. NEVER!) and really really loved it. I often daydream that I'm still there. Not really, but I'd like to be. I'm getting my Masters at Johns Hopkins part time while I work full time to pay for it. They don't like to give out money like they used to!

When I was in high school, I tried desperately to be a stereotypical goth punk but I was too geeky to do so. My hair never quite dyed the right shade of black, my fishnets always snagged and I was always running into things. I'm kind of awkward. But I did get tattoos, so naturally I still have those. And I still love the music I loved. The Rasmus, Otep, Straylight Run and a variety of others. Basically my music taste is a wonderful threesome between Alternative, Metal and Indie.